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Advanced Pet Clinic Khobar

Address: 27th St, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34425

Call: 0138931515

Website: http://alefah.sa/

Open Time: Everyday 8:30 AM-10 PM (Friday 4 PM-10 PM)

Google Reviews: (1,276)

Rating: 4.0

Advanced Pet Clinic Emergency Number


Advanced Pet Clinic khobar

Advanced Pet Clinic khobar is the result of years of knowledge and applied experience in veterinary medicine.

At Advanced Pet Clinic khobar, we are committed to sustaining a professional caring practice that provides superior animal health care for your furry companions. Through our medical expertise and facilities, we guarantee an unmatched level of service to our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

advanced pet clinic khobar

Since our launching in June 2008, we have strived to gain and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We love animals and have a exceptional passion towards pets that lift our spirits and add joy to our lives.

advanced pet clinic khobar

Here’s what makes Advanced Pet Clinic Khobar truly special:

  • Experienced and compassionate veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Comprehensive range of services, from preventive care to specialized surgeries.
  • Holistic approach to pet wellness, including nutrition and grooming.
  • Welcoming community for pet owners to connect and learn.
  • Convenient location and extended opening hours.

Goals of Advanced Pet Clinic 

Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of pets as well as their owners or guardians.

Our facility offers a wide range of services in advanced pet clinic khobar including consultations, preventive care, vaccinations, dental care, routine and complex surgeries, x-ray and laboratory services, boarding and grooming, ultrasound and endoscopy.

advanced pet clinic khobar

Vision Of Advanced Pet Clinic Khobar

To become the leader and the best veterinary healthcare provider in the Middle East.

advanced pet clinic khobar

Mission Statement

We promise advanced pet clinic khobar to deliver medical and surgical care of the highest quality in accordance with high standard ethical manners. We are driven to define the future of pet healthcare in the Middle East through compassion, respect, quality of service, education, knowledge, and technology.

advanced pet clinic khobar

Our Values On Advanced Pet Clinic Khobar

1. To adhere to our values of kindness, respect, and compassion for animals.
2. To commit to integrity and honesty in all dealings with clients.
3. To advocate for responsible pet ownership and serve our community through veterinarian and client education as well providing a better understanding of veterinary medicine.
4. To provide unconditional, unbiased and expert advice to clients at all times.
5. To recognize our employees and help them achieve job satisfaction, career growth, and self-fulfillment.

Advanced pet clinic emergency number

So, if you’re looking for a clinic that puts your pet’s well-being first, look no further than Advanced Pet Clinic Khobar. With their unwavering dedication, cutting-edge technology, and genuine love for animals, they’ll ensure your furry companion receives the exceptional care they deserve.

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