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Al Maather

Nearby Attraction In Al Maather

For families with children:

  • Al-Maather Cave Park: This park features a stunning waterfall surrounded by rugged caves, lush greenery, and wide walkways. It also has a play area for children and BBQ facilities.
  • Al Maather Park: This large park offers a variety of amenities, including a playground, a lake with a beautiful fountain, and several picnic spots.
  • Strike Bowling Alley: This bowling alley offers a fun activity for families and groups of friends.
  • KidZania Riyadh: This edutainment center allows children to experience different professions in a simulated city environment.
al maather

For outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Al Maather Cave Park: This park offers several trails for walking and hiking, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of the area.
  • Wadi Hanifa: This valley is a popular spot for hiking, biking, and picnicking. It offers stunning views and is home to a variety of flora and fauna.
  • King Abdullah Park: This expansive park features a lake, jogging tracks, and a variety of sports facilities.
al maather

For shopping and entertainment:

  • Al Maather Square: This shopping mall boasts a range of stores, restaurants, and cafes, offering something for everyone.
  • Al-Maather Extension: This newer mall provides a selection of international brands and high-end stores.
  • The View Mall: Located nearby, this mall offers diverse shopping options, a cinema complex, and a variety of restaurants.
al maather

For cultural experiences:

  • Riyadh National Museum: This museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts that showcase the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia.
  • Masjid Al Imam Turki bin Abdullah: This grand mosque features a traditional design and offers a peaceful sanctuary for prayer and reflection.
  • At-Turaif District in Diriyah: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the former capital of the first Saudi state and boasts historical buildings and ruins.
al maather


  • Al Yamama Palace – Al-Maather Branch: This luxurious hotel offers a spa, an indoor pool, and a restaurant with panoramic views.
  • Grand Plaza Riyadh: This modern hotel provides a range of amenities, including a pool, a gym, and several restaurants.

This list offers a starting point to explore Al-Maather’s potential attractions. Remember to consider your interests and preferences when deciding which attractions to visit.

Here are some of the nearby attractions to Al Maather, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

  • Al Faisaliyah Centre: A 240-meter-tall skyscraper with a shopping mall, a hotel, and an observation deck.
  • Riyadh National Museum: A museum dedicated to the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.
  • Kingdom Centre Tower: A 302-meter-tall skyscraper with a shopping mall, a hotel, and an observation deck.
  • King Abdullah Park: A large public park with a variety of amenities, including a playground, a lake, and a jogging track.
  • Wadi Hanifa: A valley that runs through the city of Riyadh.
  • Salam Park: A large public park with a variety of amenities, including a playground, a lake, and a jogging track.
  • Riyadh Zoo: A zoo with over 1,500 animals from around the world.
al maather

These attractions are all within a short distance of Al-Maather, and can be easily reached by car, public transportation, or walking.

Al-Maather is a residential district in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is located in the south-central part of the city, and is bordered by the following neighborhoods:

  • Al-Mansourah to the north
  • Al-Batha to the east
  • Al-Shafa to the south
  • Al-Murabba’ah to the west
al maather

About Al Maather

Al Maather is a relatively new neighborhood, having been developed in the 1980s. It is home to a mix of residential and commercial properties, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and shopping malls. The neighborhood is also home to a number of government offices, schools, and hospitals.

al maather

Al Maather is a popular destination for both residents and visitors of Riyadh. The neighborhood is well-connected to the rest of the city by public transportation, and it is home to a number of attractions,

Al-Maather is a vibrant and growing neighborhood that is home to a diverse population. It is a great place to live, work, and visit.

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