Al Rajhi Customer Care Number Saudi Arabia

Call: 800 124 1222

Call: +603 2332 6000

24-Hour Customer Care Consultants


There’s actually just one main customer care number for Al Rajhi Bank that works throughout all of Saudi Arabia:

1. Toll-free number: 800 124 1222

This number is available 24/7 and connects you to their automated voice response system (IVR) which will guide you through your options based on your needs. It can handle most basic inquiries and even direct you to a live representative if needed.

In addition to the main number, there are other options depending on your specific situation:

  • Existing customers: 920003344
  • New customers: 8001241222 (same as the main number)
  • Fraud & complaints (toll-free): 8001244455


  • 800 124 1222 is the best choice for most situations.
  • If you’re an existing customer, you can also use 920003344, but the main number works for everyone.
  • Use the fraud & complaints number only for urgent matters related to scams or security issues.

I hope this clarifies the situation regarding Al Rajhi customer care numbers in Saudi Arabia!

al rajhi customer care number

About Al Rajhi Bank

In the realm of banking and finance, few institutions have left as indelible a mark as Al Rajhi Bank. Founded in 1957, Al Rajhi Bank has emerged as one of the largest and most reputable banks in Saudi Arabia, boasting a formidable workforce of over 9,600 employees and a staggering $88 billion in assets. With its headquarters nestled in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, the bank’s reach extends far beyond the city’s borders, encompassing over 600 branches. Although the majority of these branches are situated in Saudi Arabia, Al Rajhi Bank has also extended its presence into Kuwait and Jordan, with a subsidiary in Malaysia.

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