Alhussan International School- Riyadh

Address: Rumman, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13244

Call: 0112489338


Open Time: Weekly 5 Days(Friday-Saturday Close)

al hussan international school fees

al hussan international school fees

(AHIS) Facilities

Additional Language: Arabic, French, Urdu

Classroom: Max.Number of student per class-24

Academy: IB Diploma, IGCSE, AS and A Level

School Finish Time:

KG1 – G5: 1:30 PM
G6 – G12: 2:30 PM

Sports Activities Included-Physical Education

School Facilities: The school has 2 purpose built air conditioned gymnasiums spacious enough for 2 basketball courts. In addition the play area in the boys section is also marked for outdoor sports activities including , basketball, football, tennis and badminton

alhussan international school riyadh

Alhussan International School

Welcome to the epitome of educational brilliance – Alhussan International School. In the realm of holistic education, where quality meets innovation, Alhussan International School stands tall as a beacon of excellence. We, at Alhussan, believe in shaping young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow, fostering an environment where academic prowess and character development go hand in hand.

History Of Alhussan International School

When Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan founded the Arab Cultural Institute for Adult Education in 1956, the Saudi Arabian education tradition was born. The first girls’ school in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province opened its doors the following year with the establishment of Al-Hussan Modern Girls School. With over 10,000 students enrolled, there are currently nineteen schools and other educational facilities located throughout the Eastern Province that are considered to be among the best in Saudi Arabia.

As the president of the Al-Hussan Group of Companies today, Rashid Abdel Aziz Al-Hussan carries on his father’s objective of “Education for All.” The newest member of the group, the Al-Hussan International Schools, has risen gradually despite their youth.

alhussan international school riyadh

Eastern Region

Established in September 1998, Al-Hussan International School Khobar (AHISK) is our first international school and is situated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The pre-school, which is located separately, is close by, although there are distinct sections for boys and girls on the same campus. Jubail Industrial City saw the establishment of Jubail International School (JIS) a year later. Our second international school, with distinct parts for boys and girls, was there. The third international school, Orbit International School (OIS), was added to the group in June 2006 and has distinct sections for boys and girls. On August 23, 2015, Al-Hussan International Grammar School (AHIGS), our fourth international school, joined the group in the Eastern Province.

alhussan international school

Central Province (Riyadh)

Al-Hussan Education established “Al-Hussan International School – Riyadh (AHISR)” in the Central Province in order to carry out the objective. The new, purpose-built campus of AHISR has air conditioning. In 2011, it welcomed parents, employees, and students. The school is divided into four sections: the pre-school, the boys’ and girls’ sections, and the administration offices. Each department has its own entrance.

Yanbu,Western Province

The Al-Hussan Education expanded into the Western Province as a result of the people in Yanbu placing a strong demand for it. The newest school in the Al-Hussan International Schools Group, Al-Hussan International School – Yanbu (AHISY), started for business on September 18, 2016.

Al-Hussan International Schools are day schools that offer instruction in English and serve students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Enrolling at Alhussan International School

Joining the Alhussan Family

If you’re seeking an educational institution that goes beyond the ordinary, consider Alhussan International School. Our admissions process is designed to welcome students into a nurturing community dedicated to excellence. To embark on a journey of academic and personal growth, visit our website and explore the possibilities that await.

In conclusion, Alhussan International School is not just an institution; it’s a legacy of excellence, a place where dreams take flight, and futures are shaped. Join us in redefining education and setting new standards for academic brilliance.


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