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Ibn Katheer St As Sulimaniyah Riyadh 12233

Address: As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12233

About-Ibn Katheer St As Sulimaniyah Riyadh 12233

Ibn Katheer St, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12233 is a long and busy street located in the As Sulimaniyah district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The street is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and businesses. It is also close to several major attractions, including the King Abdulaziz Cultural Center, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and the King Saud University.

ibn katheer st as sulimaniyah riyadh 12233

Getting there

Ibn Katheer St is easily accessible by car or public transportation. By car, the street is located off of King Fahd Road. From King Fahd Road, take exit 12 and follow the signs to the As Sulimaniyah district. The street will be on your left.

By public transportation, the street is served by the Riyadh Metro. The nearest metro station is the As Sulimaniyah station. From the As Sulimaniyah station, the street is a short walk away.

Things to do in Ibn Katheer St As Sulimaniyah Riyadh 12233

In addition to the many shops and restaurants located on the street, there are also a number of other things to see and do in the area. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit the King Abdulaziz Cultural Center. This center houses a variety of museums, including the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Islamic Arts.
  • See a show at the King Faisal Performing Arts Center. This center hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, plays, and dance recitals.
  • Take a walk through the King Saud University campus. This university is one of the largest in the world and is home to a beautiful campus.

Nearby attractions

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, there are a number of other nearby Ibn Katheer St As Sulimaniyah Riyadh 12233 attractions that are worth visiting. These include:

  • The Saudi Shopping Center is a large shopping mall with a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • The Royal Court is the residence of the King of Saudi Arabia.
  • The National Museum┬áis a history museum that tells the story of Saudi Arabia.

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