Address: Al Adamah, Dammam 32242

Call: 056 304 6411

Open Times: 12 PM- 11:45 PM

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Mezbaan Dammam Menu

mezbaan dammam menu

Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam

At Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam, we pride ourselves on delivering an exquisite culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. As connoisseurs of flavor, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, where every bite is a celebration of taste and tradition.

mezbaan sweets and chaat dammam

The Sweet Symphony

Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting desserts that are nothing short of divine. From the moment you step into our establishment, the aroma of freshly prepared sweets envelopes you, setting the stage for an indulgence of the senses. Each sweet is meticulously crafted using time-honored recipes passed down through generations, ensuring an authentic taste that lingers on the palate.

mezbaan sweets and chaat dammam

Signature Sweets

Our menu boasts a plethora of signature sweets, each deserving of its own spotlight. From the melt-in-your-mouth Gulab Jamun to the delicate layers of the Badam Barfi, every creation is a work of art. We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring that each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

Chaat Extravaganza

Dive into the world of savory delights with our Chaat Dammam offerings. Our chaat is a symphony of flavors, combining the tanginess of tamarind, the crunch of sev, and the freshness of herbs. Each spoonful is a burst of taste, taking you on a culinary adventure that captures the essence of Indian street food.

Chaat Varieties

Explore the diverse range of chaat options at our disposal. Whether you crave the spiciness of Pani Puri, the heartiness of Aloo Tikki Chaat, or the complexity of Dahi Puri, our menu caters to every palate. Every chaat dish is a masterpiece, balancing flavors to perfection.

mezbaan sweets and chaat dammam

Best Quality

What sets us apart at Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam is our unwavering commitment to quality. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking process, every step is executed with precision. Our sweets and chaat are not merely dishes; they are expressions of our dedication to providing an unparalleled dining experience.

Family Friendly Environment

Beyond the culinary delights, the ambiance at Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam is designed to elevate your dining experience. Step into a world where traditional aesthetics meet contemporary comfort, creating a space that is both inviting and memorable.

Aesthetic Interior of Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam

Our interiors are a blend of vibrant colors, evoking the lively spirit of Indian culture, and subtle design elements that exude sophistication. Whether you’re here for a family celebration or a casual evening out, our space adapts to the occasion, ensuring every visit is unique.

mezbaan sweets and chaat dammam

Attentive Service

To complement our culinary offerings, our staff is trained to provide attentive and personalized service. From recommendations based on your preferences to ensuring a seamless dining experience, our team is dedicated to making your time with us memorable.

In conclusion

if you are in search of an unparalleled culinary adventure, Mezbaan Sweets and Chaat Dammam is the destination of choice. Indulge in the richness of our sweets, savor the complexity of our chaat, and immerse yourself in an ambiance that reflects the warmth of Indian hospitality. Join us in celebrating the artistry of flavors and make your every dining experience extraordinary.


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