1. Tabuk Airport park
  2. King Abdulaziz Park
  3. Tabuk Walk
  4. Prince Fahad Park
  5. Waterfall Park

1.Tabuk Airport park

Tabuk Airport Park is a suitable place for walking outdoors, as there are vast green spaces interspersed with special paths By walking and jogging, many residents and tourists visit it with their families and friends to spend enjoyable and beautiful times. If you In the city of Tabuk, you can visit this park with your loved ones or friends.

يُعد متنزه مطار تبوك من الأماكن المُناسبة للتنزه في الهواء الطلق، فهناك مساحات خضراء شاسعة يتخللها مسارات خاصة

بالمشي والركض، ويزُورها العديد من السُكان والسُياح برفقة عائلاتهم وأصدقائهم لقضاء أوقات مُمتعة وجميلة، فإن كنت

في مدينة تبوك تستطيع زيارة هذه الحديقة برفقة أحبائك أو أصدقائك.

Open: Hours 24

Review: 795

Rating: 4.1 rating

2.King Abdulaziz Park

King Abdulaziz Park one of the best park in tabuk .This park is a beautifull pleace to chearing evening and night.

Open: Hours 24

Review: 1532

Rating: 4.0 rating

3.Tabuk Walkpark

This place is best for relax and jogging,a very good place for enjoy and to do some exercises

It’s hiking area
1- Good to practice Walking &, jogging sport
2-It has two walking path with another one in the other side
3- The place is surrounded by trees with grass fields right and left
4-There is a lot food truck
5-If you come from Madinah Road there is Cafes and restaurants
6-It has 2 public toilt

Open: Hours 24

Review: 511

Rating: 4.6 rating

4.Prince Fahad Park

A wonderful and clean park and walkway for the people of the area and visitors. There are a good number of services.

This place is amazing it has everything you need for shopping… If you hungry you eat in there and the coffee…

Open: Hours 24

Review: 297

Rating: 4.4 rating

5.Waterfall Park

Attracting a large number of visitors annually, Waterfall Park is a popular waterpark that provides you with access to stunning scenery, spacious green areas as well as various entertainment and dining facilities. Look forward to fun times with numerous water slides and swimming pools that are safe and fun for all age groups. Once you are done splashing around, you can stop for a delicious meal at one of the park’s restaurants.

Open: Hours 24

Review:874 Google reviews


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