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Address: H5W4+QF9, 3924 Qouraish, As Salamah, Jeddah 23524

Call: 0126392400


About-Thamer International Schools

Thamer International Schools which was founded in the year 2000 is owned by H.R.H. Faisal Bin Thamer Al Saud and managed by its own SET. The school’s community incorporates students from various backgrounds and cultures. We ensure that utmost priority is given to parents’ major concern which is education of the highest quality.

thamer international school

The institution operates in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and holds accreditation from NCA – CASI (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement). Additionally, it proudly serves as a Cambridge International Attached Center.

thamer international schools

The remarkable growth in our student population stands as a testament to the trust parents place in our educational system. We continually strive to provide our students with exceptional leadership opportunities.

At T.I.S., we go beyond mere academic performance and place great emphasis on the holistic and ethical development of each student. Encouraging and enabling students to work effectively and independently is a core objective.

Our unwavering commitment is to offer a well-rounded and enriching learning experience within a secure and nurturing environment that fosters academic, creative, athletic, and personal growth.

thamer international school

We aspire to instill in our students an enduring love for learning and a strong desire to actively engage with and contribute to their communities, nurturing them to become responsible global citizens

thamer international school

Within a warm and friendly atmosphere, guided by our unique approach, we aim to nurture and empower every student to reach their full potential.

We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities for all students through a comprehensive educational approach that strives for ultimate excellence.

thamer international school

Every child is celebrated and valued, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, or creed. Emphasizing courtesy, manners, and respect, we cultivate tolerance and teamwork among our students. The diverse composition of our student body, representing various parts of the world, makes our school truly distinctive and exceptional. We instill a sense of confidence in our students, equipping them to face the world and achieve their aspirations. Our motto is ingrained in each student’s heart: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Renowned for its academic prowess, T.I.S. consistently takes pride in its remarkable performance in both internal and external examinations.

In addition to outstanding academics, our team of highly qualified and professionally trained teachers is dedicated to striking a perfect balance between academic rigor and the holistic development of our students. Our esteemed educators, with their wealth of teaching expertise, possess a genuine passion for nurturing students.

Furthermore, our dedicated support staff plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of daily school activities. They also extend personalized support to students when needed.

thamer international school

Our senior management team, composed of visionary leaders, serves as the backbone of the school. They ensure that our students always come first, that we maintain excellence in our teaching, and that we deliver valuable and well-provisioned services to every student.

thamer international school

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